Happy that you said you'd mount me

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♥This community is about the love the strokes share for eachother.
♥This community celebrates the fact that Julian is a gay man whore & has many men falling at his feet.
♥Post pics/interviews/articles/news.
♥Discuss your favorite strokeslove pairing.
♥Of course strokeslove isn't only between the strokes ~ Jack White, Craig Nichols & the Followills may join in.
♥Please leave now if you don't have a sense of humour

♥Please use lj-cut. It is nice and is our friend.

♥ I am not strict about what is posted in this comm. anymore ~ it can be anything related to the strokes, not just strokeslove.

♥Strokes news oh_someday
♥If you don't like the gayness here, show some hetero-love at strokesgf

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*Disclaimer* We do not believe to know the truth behind The Strokes private affairs, in fact this is most probably all lies - so please don't state the obvious.

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