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Title: Birthday
Author: rawkenr0ll
Word count: 885
Rating: PG-13 for talking about sex and boytouching, I guess.
Comments: Part of a huge, huge plot that I have in my head. The birthday scene is important because of how Julian reacts to it later, but you should be able to understand this without knowing the rest.

“I don’t really-” Nick starts, but no-one believes he has nothing to say. “No, come on, I do-“ but Albert presses a hand to the small of his back so he stands, one hand still on the rim of his wine glass. “No, no, I, um.” Julian smiles at him from under his sunglasses.

He takes a deep breath. “Okay, okay- Okay. So Julian’s twenty-six now, and that’s old, so maybe I should stop having sex with him,” Nick laughs, and everyone’s a little buzzed so they laugh at a stupid joke and a crunched up napkin bounces off Nick’s shoulder. “No, really. I met Julian when I was fourteen,” Nick says. “That’s, what, nine years ago now? He, um.” Nick blushes a little, laughs it off. “He taught me a lot of stuff.” That gets a laugh from everyone. They all know.

“Not only dirty stuff!” Nick says, giving Fab a look. “Other stuff, too. He was this cool, older guy and he knew a lot. Like, I could play guitar, but I wasn’t exactly writing music, until, you know, Julian. He taught me that stuff, too. I wouldn’t really be the guitarist I am now without him, I guess. Even though he doesn’t play guitar.” Another nervous laugh. This is stupid. Nick doesn’t want to be doing this, not even for Julian.

Julian’s sitting three chairs away, halfway across the table. He’s sitting behind a half-eaten cake, a bottle of wine and the remnants of everyone’s entrees. Fab has an elbow on his shoulder, leaning in. Albert’s smiling. Nick feels good, looking at them.

“There was the dirty stuff, too. You all know how good I am at that. That was all Julian’s doing,” and everyone laughs again but Julian, who’s just calmly glowing at him from under his stupid sunglasses. Nick laughs awkwardly, teases, “Dude, take those off, how can you even see in here?”, so Julian does, but now there’s nothing between Nick and his smile and that’s no good. Nick can’t stop looking at his eyes.

“It was like- aheh.” Nick laughs, suddenly stuck for words, but everyone’s waiting. “I wasn’t exactly experienced, you know, and then along comes Julian and suddenly sex can be something, I don’t know, casual and fun, and that’s nice-“ sloppy, tipsy cheers from everyone, what a lovely tablecloth, “-nice, yeah, and I guess I have Julian to thank for all that stuff I’m good at-“

“Even blow jobs?” Fab chides, and Julian doesn’t hit him, just sits there, lounging, smiling casually. So casual, always, even at his own birthday party.

“-Especially blow jobs,” Nick says, trying to not make this stupid and mushy because he doesn’t do stupid and mushy. He wants Julian to stop smiling at him so smugly, but no, he doesn’t, he doesn’t want Julian to ever stop smiling.

“I’m really, you know, grateful for all that stuff,” Nick mumbles, tilting his wine glass a little and looking at it as he speaks. “To Julian,” he says, holding up it up, and everyone cheers and holds theirs up, too. Nick locks Julian’s eyes, finally, stops staring at the table cloth, and beams right back at him. The air is thick with him. Nick tries to break the silence with “The best friend and blow-bitch I’ve ever had!” and everyone laughs and clinks their glasses and cheers and sings Julian’s praises. Julian winks at Nick and Nick decides to trade places with Fab, sit with him. They’re done with dinner anyway.

Later, they all go back to Julian and Albert’s place to drink but mostly they cuddle. Nick is kissing Julian lazily, comfortably, smiling, and Julian’s touching his waist and thighs but not in a dirty way, just to let Nick know that he’s there and he’s happy. Nick knows that Fab and Albert think he can’t hear them when they’re talking, but he does.

“I want an orgy!” Fab demands to the room, but no-one cares, “Everyone’s drunk. Hey, Albert, start and orgy with me! I’m getting Julian-” and Nick doesn’t see what happens, but Albert goes “Shhh, no, leave them alone- Just look at them."

Fab goes “Aww,” and it’s mocking, Nick knows, but then he says nothing and that means something. Albert says, “Hush, come on, they’re precious,” and then neither of them talks for a while.

Nick smiles more into Julian’s mouth and Julian backs off just enough to talk to him in between kisses, mumble how good he looks and how lucky Julian is to have him around. The orgy never happens, but Nick falls asleep on Julian’s shoulder, wondering if he’s hurting him because he’s so bony and so, so happy that Julian doesn’t say anything about it, just lets him lie there until their eyes drop closed and their friends shut up. In the morning, everyone’s stiff and headachy and Julian wakes up before him but doesn’t move because he doesn’t want to wake Nick up, too, and it’s not his birthday anymore so he can’t just do whatever he wants. Nick wonders when that’s ever stopped him in the past. He’s grateful, though, and gives him a good morning kiss even though they have morning breath. Julian goes to shower and Nick watches everyone else wake up one by one.

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